Texon Product
Pharmacy Management Software
Texon Limited’s Pharmacy Management Software ensures efficient business operation, a modern billing system, sales and purchase management, expense and revenue management, tracks inventory, and helps you grow your business digitally. Using our software, produce medicines with a brand name, a generic name, a code number, a barcode, and many other ways. Check the inventory of each product at the end of the year or any time. Generate and print a bill with your store name and logos.

Why Choose US

Dynamic Dashboard

Total books • Total Sales • Total Due •. Last 7- or 30-days Sales and production chart

Operations Management

Rights, Royalties, and Contracts Management, Sales & Marketing Analytics, Data Acquisition, Editorial & Workflow Systems

Product Management

List Books • Add new books • Edit books list • Product Barcode and Labels Print • Product Price and Sale Price • Product Categories • Add product Brands • Low Stock

Sales Management

Add New Sale • Print Invoice • Discount setup • Defect Product • Sale History

Purchase Management

List Purchases • Add new Purchase • Edit Purchase • Purchases History

Expenses Module

List Expense • Add Expenses • Generate Expense Report

Report Management

Sales Report • Stock Report • Purchase Report • Customer Report • Items Report • Expenses Report • Due Report • Daily or Monthly Report • Old Invoice • Overall Report

Office Address

Begum Rokeya Sarani, East Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216