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Best Services List

We have provided over 50+ custom based Service solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

1. Multivendor Ecommerce eco systems Development

2.Single Vendor Ecommerce Development

3. B2C or B2B Website Development

4.Business Management Software

5. Cloud service

6. API Integrations & Web consultancy

Everybody wants to be Texon.

But no one can’t be!

1. Ecommerce eco systems Development

Ecommerce eco systems development produces an ecommerce solution that are specialized to a certain business model and target market. That’s include e-commerce website, user App, Marchand App, Delivery and more.

A broad range of ecommerce development services are provided by Texon Limited, including the creation of websites and mobile apps, merchant and delivery apps, inventory management, and high-performance, scalable, multi-component ecommerce ecosystems.

In order to assist keep your site open for business and able to make money at all times, we also offer continuous 24x7 support and maintenance.

2. Single Vendor Ecommerce Development

Make a professional and responsive e-commerce website to move your physical store online and grow your business. Use your eCommerce website to handle end-to-end perfection, sell products through a variety of channels, and accept safe online payments.

A fully responsive website with many products on display, simple category management, and complete customization is available from Texon Limited.

You can manage your inventory, advertise your products across all sales channels, and connect with customers on every platform using your website to sell to anyone, anywhere.

3. B2B or B2C ecommerce

Website design and development are the main pillars of B2C and B2B ecommerce success. Attractive UI and next-gen technologies are on the surface of B2C or B2B ecommerce development.

Texon Limited provides a fully responsive website that showcases multiple products, allows for easy category management, and is completely customizable. In B2C or B2B ecommerce solutions, we personalize customers' and buyers' experiences that make your business more profitable.

4. Business Management Software

The digital processes you establish, manage, and monitor for your firm will determine its operational agility and business effectiveness. ERP, CRM, HRM, analytics, and marketing software that is specifically designed to assist your organization in streamlining and automating its operations

To assist you in expanding your company and achieving your business objectives, Texon Limited offers a variety of bespoke business management software development services.

5. Cloud Support and Maintenance

Migrating your website from one cloud to another cloud can be difficult and risky. One simple mistake could result in wasted time and money, or even worse, the loss of valuable information.

That’s why Texon Limited offers "complete cloud support and maintenance" through Care Partnership. We offer you cloud migrations, cloud maintenance, and cloud support solutions to ensure your business runs smoothly and your website performs as efficiently as possible.

6. API Integration & Web Consultancy

The ideal way to embed or integrate services for other platforms is through API integration tools. By interacting and exchanging information with one another, various programs, systems, and platforms can more readily carry out a variety of functions.

With in-depth expertise of next-generation technologies, Texon Limited provides API integration services and web consulting. In order to increase the success rate of your application or website, we plan, implement, and ensure that it is on the right road.

Why Choose US

Experienced Web Developers

he Web Development team of Texon Limited is well experienced with all the necessary updates and trends of technology. Our experience and expertise can ensure the development of top-notch quality iOS applications with different languages.

Quality delivered on time

The Web Development team of Texon Limited is well experienced with all the necessary updates and trends of technology. Our experience and expertise can ensure the development of top-notch quality iOS applications with different languages.

Customized web Solutions

Our commitment to quality continues, we take appropriate steps to check the quality at every level of Website Development. Specially in the development cycle, for each project we employ a dedicated QA team who checks the quality and delivers a bug free product on time.

User-Friendly Interface and maintenance

Our products are very much affordable for small to medium enterprises. It is completely user-friendly and anyone can use it easily. We respond immediately to any critical issue and help. We believe that effective service is the key to get customer satisfaction.